artist profile: rachel lee zheng
produced + edited by: mark pizzi

My studio practice consists of small material investigations that develop into large-scale installations that explore the power of site-specificity, multiplicity, and minimalism.

A series of immersive, site-specific installations are attempts to engage the viewer and take pause from an increasingly fast-paced and digital society. A disorienting relationship between the physicality of the form and the immateriality of light and space heightens a viewers' perception of nonphysical elements of their immediate environment. The simplicity of line activates space, obscures dimensionality, and suggests volume. Viewers become embodied within the work, fully present and highly aware of their spatial sensibilities through active engagement and curiosity. 

Certain architectural anomalies are highlighted through sculptural installations, exposing elements that largely go unnoticed. I use construction materials and embed them into physical spaces, prompting viewers to investigate and question an altered space and reality.

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